We are an authorized installation company, in accordance with current legislation, with extensive experience in carrying out all types of installations in the commercial, domestic and industrial sectors.

We offer our clients a comprehensive service from the conception of the installation, advice, processing, legalization and certification of the installation.

Installation of solar panels

Solar energy is not only a sustainable option, but it is becoming more accessible and competitive every day. In fact, photovoltaic solar self-consumption is the best smart energy solution that combines sustainability and savings for your company.

The increasingly coveted savings come after the energy upgrades experienced in recent months.

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Installations and maintenance

We are an authorised installation company, in accordance with current legislation, with many years of experience in carrying out all types of installations in the commercial, domestic and industrial sectors.

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We offer our clients a comprehensive service to meet their needs. We advise, project, supervise the execution of the work and take care of the legalisation before the corresponding official bodies.

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Energy efficiency

We are clearly committed to a sustainable future, we offer our customers solutions, at industrial, commercial and domestic level, for the optimisation of their installations.

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Electrical installations

As a domestic and residential electrical installation company, we offer a full range of services. In addition to providing electrical installation services in any type of home, we also carry out complete and ongoing maintenance of residential electrical installations.

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Gas Installations

Our technicians are duly accredited and perform the following functions:
Domestic installation with natural gas, butane gas and propane gas.
Installations in buildings, bars and restaurants.
Gas piping installations.
Detection and repair of gas leaks.

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Heating and air-conditioning installations

We install all types of heating systems: Underfloor heating systems, underfloor or mixed heating, hot air heating with aerothermal air-conditioning systems, air curtains, gas or oil-fired generators, etc. 

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Fire Fighting Installations

As an accredited company, we are able to carry out the installation and preventive, corrective or replacement maintenance of any existing means of fire protection. Our technical team is trained, qualified and qualified to carry out this responsibility. Fire Protection Systems represent a fundamental factor in increasing the level of safety of an establishment (company, commercial, public space, residential, etc.), we offer a programme of inspection and auditing of the systems and control of the equipment.

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Water installations

We make new installations and water repairs in the domestic and collective sector (homes, communities of neighbors), as well as in the tertiary sector such as commercial premises, industrial buildings, hospitals, schools, etc ... being an authorized company complying with regulations (RITE).
Most of the clogs in the pipes are caused by our bad practices, a recommendation not to use very abrasive chemicals, far from helping, damage the pipes, be sure to call a professional.

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Comprehensive reforms and rehabilitation

In order to offer a comprehensive service to our clients, we carry out all kinds of reforms, we take care of the entire process, offering maximum seriousness and efficiency in our work. Our main services in the field of construction are the following:
- Comprehensive housing reforms.
- Comprehensive reforms in neighboring communities.
- Comprehensive reforms and implementation of new activities or businesses.
- Comprehensive reforms of industrial buildings.
- Home building.

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