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Installation of solar panels

Solar energy is not only a sustainable option, but it is becoming more accessible and competitive every day. In fact, photovoltaic solar self-consumption is the best smart energy solution that combines sustainability and savings for your company.

The increasingly coveted savings come after the energy upgrades experienced in recent months.

Solar panels are the means that convert sunlight into our source of energy. They are designed to be simple and efficient, they do not produce direct or indirect polluting emissions, thus promoting sustainability, allowing self-consumption and reducing the environmental impact.

When you start using the electricity produced by your solar installations, you will need to use less energy allocated by your energy provider. The energy saving is very high and can significantly reduce the amount of the electricity bill, revalue your properties and increase their sale value, in addition, they can be installed in any space where sunlight falls.

We are talking about an energy generation system that will bring you closer to energy self-sufficiency; a system that makes it possible to make the inertia of your company profitable; a system that not only pays for itself, but is also capable of being configured as a new source of income. In short, if you have a roof, you can make money on it.

The cost of photovoltaic solar energy has fallen dramatically in the last decade, making it, along with wind, one of the most promising future energy technologies. It guarantees an annual return of 15% to 25% of your investment, this is because within five years you will be able to recover all the money invested, the system is fully profitable during this period and has a high predictable return regardless of volatility of the financial market.

If the system produces more power than you need, you can insert batteries and store this power for use at certain times when there is less light (cloudy, rainy or snowy) or at night. Alternatively, it can sell the surplus kilowatts it produces to the company that manages the distribution network.

100% financeable investment

We are firmly committed to your energy transition. That is why we look for the solution that best suits your needs. Pay in easy installments with Sabadell Consumer Finance. Without changing banks. Choose payment day. Finance up to 100% of your installation in up to 120 months and special conditions. Easy, agile and flexible.

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